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LB Lyopharm: production of lyophilized products in Bolzano

We are a company specialized in the production of lyophilized products. We also conduct research and development of active ingredients of high purity, based on extracts of plant origin, milk whey, microorganisms and cell culture.

The operational and production facilities of LB Lyopharm Laboratory are based in Bolzano/Bozen.

  • 250
    square metres of
    freeze-drying area
  • 21
  • 230
  • 1
    Atomizer or
    Spray Dry Tower
  • 6

Our philosophy

Our goal is to become a key player in the research, development and production of proteins and active ingredients of plant, animal and microorganism origin.

Thanks to our know-how, we work since several years in the field of lyophilization, also for third parties; we produce and supply lyophilized products for companies in the food and pharmaceutical sector. The lyophilization process does not alter the properties naturally present in the original ingredients and also allows producing finished products free from preservatives or chemical additives.

The production technologies enabled us to isolate new biomolecules using membrane filter techniques, chromatography and cell culture, and create innovative functional products of the highest quality.

Over the years we have developed several lines of products with nutritional properties, ranging from dietary supplements for athletes, meal substitutes to those suitable for clinical-hospital use.

Our dietary supplements have been developed with the support of dieticians, oncologists and nutritionists with the aim to create tasty, natural food, with high nutritional value. These products are created using two innovative techniques: freeze-drying or lyophilization and purification.
Purification is a technology aimed to preserve the bioavailability of naturally occurring amino acids present in natural whey. This technology, applied through an industrial process based on chromatography and membrane filter technique, prevents denaturation of proteins during processing stages.

Discover the freeze-dried products of LB Lyopharm in Bolzano!

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