Lyophilization for third parties for health and vitality company Lyopharm Lyophilization for third parties company Lyopharm

Lyophilization for third parties for health and vitality

Lyophilization for third parties: our strength

We have been operating for several years in the field of lyophilization for third parties, producing and supplying freeze-dried products for pharmaceutical and food companies.

Freeze-drying consists of removing the water from a liquid or solid product by freezing it and gently heating it in a vacuum.

This technology allows the quality and intrinsic properties of the freeze-dried product to be maintained; it is the only dehydration method that perfectly preserves the structure of the different molecules that make up the product. The protein fractions are totally preserved in their native state and the vitamins are preserved, as the temperatures reached during the heating phase are not extreme, the different freeze-dried micro-organisms can be revived.

Freeze-drying involves 3 stages:

  • Freezing: The products are frozen and the water turns into ice.
  • Primary drying or sublimation or lyophilization: consists in sublimating interstitial ice, causing the evaporation of water vapour which is fixed on a condenser at a temperature between -60 and -70°C.
  • Secondary drying: consists of a gradual and progressive heating operation.

Therefore, two stages of the process are essential:

  • Freezing: this stage must allow blocking water in the form of solid ice and not in the form of ice in small crystals.
  • Vacuum: is the most important stage of lyophilization. The freeze dryer must be perfectly leakproof (structures, valves). Vacuum pumps must have sufficient air flow rate to maintain a perfect vacuum.

The third-party freeze-drying service is related to products of animal or plant origin (proteins, enzymes, and micro-organisms), the active ingredients of the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sector and, obviously, food industry.

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