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Over the years we have developed several lines of products with nutritional properties, ranging from dietary supplements for athletes, meal substitutes to those suitable for clinical-hospital use.

ProLYOtin®, a dietary supplement based exclusively on pure Whey Proteins, is the landmark product of LB Lyopharm and the starting point for the development of dietary supplements and clinical nutrition products. Based on pure whey protein, casein free and with a lactose content <2%, ProLYOtin® is a cutting-edge step in the formulation of functional dietary supplements.

Clinical nutrition is one of the major development directives of LB LYOpharm.
For the development of the AFMS line, our research has been aimed at meeting nutritional needs related to different diseases, through the production of specific foods, which are tasty and aimed at stimulating the patient's appetite. LYO-med® is an innovative product that can support the patient in the healing process.

Parallel to our range of clinical nutrition products, a range of dietary food products is marketed. Produced according to the same requirements, the same technologies, the same natural ingredients and the same nutritional quality standards, Lyodiet®, the range of dietary nutrition, proposes products for a controlled and balanced diet.

Lyomass®, a dietary supplement for athletes is a valuable support to maintaining muscle mass without altering metabolism.

LYOfruit, all the taste and nutritional properties of fresh fruit, lyophilized.

SPE-VIA®, the natural sweetener, with no calories and no additives.

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ProLYOtin®: 90% purified whey protein

ProLYOtin® is made from purified native whey proteins.

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A 100% Italian product, designed to provide a source of high quality and highly digestible protein, with excellent nutritional value. The high degree of purification makes ProLYOtin® a totally odourless and tasteless product, with a lactose content of less than 2%, casein free, suitable for clinical nutrition, special dietary requirements and athletes.

International Patent No.WO/2014/027305

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LYOmass®: dietary supplement based on Whey Protein

LYOmass® is a freeze-dried dietary supplement containing highly purified, non-hydrolyzed whey proteins. It is the ideal product for those who exercise and want to maintain or increase muscle mass in a healthy and natural way, without having to alter the metabolism and providing the body with the most important nutrients.

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Actually, LYOmass® is designed to provide a high-quality, quickly digestible source of protein with low sugar content, less than 2% lactose, fat-free and rich in calcium. 

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Lyodiet®: dietary nutrition

Our dietary line offers a new range of lyophilized products intended for low-calorie diets aimed for weight loss.

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Lyodiet® is the new line of dietary products, healthy, tasty, natural and gluten-free, the result of the research conducted by our Laboratory. The line was created from top quality fruits and vegetables of European origin. The products do not contain artificial flavours, dyes, preservatives or additives, to guarantee natural and genuine food products.

The replacement of the entire daily dietary ration for weight control is formulated according to a 6-day plan, studied in accordance with the recommended nutrient requirements, without imbalances or nutritional deprivation. The goal is to restore the correct physiological balance, to purify the body from excess without sacrificing the taste, the flavours, and the natural colours of food.

LYOdiet® offers you a complete, tasty and differentiated diet to satisfy your appetite and support you throughout the day.

Natural, effective, practical and tasty: LYOdiet® is designed to ensure the correct daily energy intake and to quickly restore well-being and natural balance.

This line of total meal substitutes for 6 days was formulated following the provisions of the Ministry of Health (Direction 96/8/EC of the Commission of February 26, 1996, on food intended for low-calorie diets for weight loss, EU Reg.609/2013.

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Nutra-LYO® is a line of dietary supplements designed for those who observe a reduction in muscle mass, especially due to aging.

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These products are rich in amino acids such as whey proteins, easily digestible and assimilable. They are ideal to support the regular diet and to regain strength and vitality.


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Lyofruit® is the range of freeze-dried fruit snacks. Organic, vegan and gluten-free, it contains the full flavour of fruits in practical packs of 10 or 15 grams. All the taste and nutritional properties of fresh fruit, freeze-dried.

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100% natural and rich in vitamins, they are the ideal snack in every moment of your day.


SPE-VIA®: the sweetener that won the taste challenge

SPE-VIA® is a sweetener, free from preservatives, tasteless, with zero calories and zero carbohydrates. Suitable for multiple uses in the food industry, it represents a great step forward in the field of products based on Stevia Rebaudiana, an herbaceous shrub plant that grows in the mountains between Paraguay and Brazil.

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Our product is designed to be used in food preparations such as flavoured drinks, ice creams, fruit nectars, cocoa, chocolate, milk products, desserts, jams, dietary foods and dietary supplements. The product is particularly suitable for diabetic patients, even if insulin-dependents, because it does not alter the blood glucose level.

Since the beginning of 2012, LB LYOpharm has developed an industrial chromatography procedure that allows to purify Stevia and isolate its sweetening ingredient.

The procedure, patented by the Laboratory, allows to extract a pure product, in which the molecule of Rebaudioside A, present in the plant’s leaves, reaches a degree of purity above 98%, with no addition of flavours or alteration of taste. The only ingredients eliminated are the biological components that cause the bitter taste similar to liquorice, typical of the plant, which compromises, from the organoleptic point of view, the preparation of food products.

The SPE-VIA® product range features two product packs:

  • SPE-VIA® 10g, ideal for sweetening drinks
  • SPE-VIA® + 50g INULIN: SPE-VIA® with the addition of Inulin to give even more texture to the product. The product is suitable for cooking because the natural properties of Stevia remain unaltered.

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LYO-MED®: Food for special medical purposes

Lyo-med® is an innovative line of products indicated for food regimens dedicated to treating malnutrition, muscle deterioration and increased energy requirements.

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Lyo-med® products are designed to stimulate patient appetite. Tasty, with high protein content, highly digestible, free from preservatives, dyes and chemical additives, ensure a practical and safe support for the healing process.

The Lyo-med® product range is also suitable for sensitive patients, providing high nutritional value, and also meets the needs of hospital facilities, ensuring practicality and ease of preparation.

The range features three types of products (soups, drinks, yogurt), designed to support the patient with taste and natural ingredients throughout the day.

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