Lyopilization plant at Lyopharm An operator in the freeze-drying laboratory of the company Lyopharm in Bolzano Two operators during the production of lyophilised products of the company Lyopharm

Third-party production:
innovation, research and development

Our production tools: freeze-dried plant, chromatography, bioreactor

Thanks to the instrumentation and equipment available in our production facility in Bolzano, customers are offered the opportunity to develop and manufacture products that reflect their needs, relying on a specialised, certified company with the highest quality standards.

  • Freeze-dried plant: 250 m² area divided into 18 industrial freeze-dryers and 3 freeze-dryers for pre-industrial testing
  • 3 Clean Rooms ISO7 with air humidity control (<10%)
  • Industrial chromatography columns: 250 to 1000 litres of gel
  • Ultrafiltration: 110 m² membrane surface
  • Microfiltration: 60 m² membrane surface
  • Bioreactors
  • Spray Dryer

The third-party service offered covers the entire production process of experimental and pharmaceutical products, food and cosmetic ingredients and finished products, right up to packaging.


Freeze drying process, lyophilization allows to reduce foods to powders. This dehydration technique manages to preserve the nutritional and organoleptic quality of food and the biological properties of molecules, not using high heating temperatures.

In vialis freeze-drying service

LB LYOPHARM offers a freeze-drying service made directly in vials for:

  • Reagents for analytical purposes
  • R&D Products
  • Concentrated extracts
  • Microorganisms
  • Counter samples
  • Yeasts

This technology allows for a longer shelf-life without changing product paramenters.
Operations are carried out in ISO7 environmental conditions and in a controlled humidity Clean Room if required.

Depending on the different size or shape of the vials, LB LYOpharm can guarantee the best possible freeze drying solution, optimizing space by infrastructures specifically designed for your product.

Thanks to stoppering technology, equipping most of our lyostats, vials can as well be vacuum sealed if required.

LB LYOpharm provides its know-how and infrastructure for the preparation, the mixing of liquid and the filling of vials by means of peristaltic pumps suitable for the process and the volume of product.

Depending on requirements, the process can be extended to labelling, secondary packaging of vials and palletizing.

Spray Dryers

Spray Drying is the process by which a liquid is transformed into a powder. The liquid is pulverized in the form of fine droplets and is brought into contact with a hot gas.


In Lyopharm we have the possibility to package the products through different systems:

  • Automatic bagging with triple laminated film
  • Packaging in jars
  • Production and packaging of products in capsules
  • Production and packaging of blister products

Private Label

The customer can take advantage of a private label service on products currently in our range of foodstuffs, sweeteners, food for special medical purposes (AFMS) and food supplements, both freeze-dried and in capsules.


Chromatography is a process of separation of biological or chemical substances that is based on separation differences between a mobile phase and a stationary phase. This separation allows dividing the components of a liquid mixture.

There are several types of chromatography:

  • absorption chromatography
  • ion chromatography
  • affinity chromatography

This method of separation has the advantage of isolating, with a high degree of purity, organic compounds such as pigments, glucides, proteins, enzymes, hormones and antibodies.


These are reactors in which metabolites are produced following multiplication of micro-organisms (yeasts, bacteria, algae, vegetable and animal cells, fungi), or by bio-conversion of a molecule of interest of recombinant proteins type.

Clean room

The Clean Rooms provide an environment where particle concentration is controlled by a system that filters the incoming air. These rooms are used in special sectors: electronic, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, medical or food processing, where the presence of contaminants (bacteria, dust...) in the air must be controlled. The parameters controlled in these rooms are humidity, relative pressure and temperature. Our Laboratory is equipped with sterile rooms class ISO7, for a total surface of 500 m².

Blister packaging

At Lyopharm we have the possibility to package the products in blisters:

  1. Light and easy to handle;
  2. They guarantee the integrity of the contents;
  3. Ideal as single-dose containers.

Packaging in capsules

In our laboratory in Bolzano we have the possibility to package the products in capsules:

  1. Light and manageable;
  2. They allow you to package a powder form;
  3. Ideal for protecting the product.

Packaging in jars

At Lyopharm we have the possibility to package products in jars:

  1. Customised solutions;
  2. Allows you to package a powder form;
  3. Ideal for keeping the product intact.

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